Warren Air Force Base Address
Warren AFB WY, 82001

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Warren AFB, Wyoming


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Warren Air Force Base

Located in Laramie County, Wyoming, Warren is an Air Force Base, home to the 90th Space Wing. The nearest city is Cheyenne and the base has a very interesting history, as it was built in 1867 and it has been in use ever since. Present-day Commander Colonel Michael Morgan said that one of the base’s most important historical roles was that they have "protected the workers who built the transcontinental railroad and provided security on America's frontier". The 90th Space Wing has a logo featuring the Earth, the symbol of global thinking, two lightning bolts, the symbols of power and starts, symbols for the USA. The base has no aircraft at the base apart from the ones developed by them.

Warren was named after a military hero and it has a total demographics of 4,440 people residing in 13.1 km2. The housing facilities are very good and their policy is that "newcomers are welcommers". The educational facilities and the training done at the base are also very good, but it lacks local attractions, apart from the city life in Cheyenne and the sports facilities on-base.

The base has served both as training facility and as educational centre and it receives press every so often on the occasion of different active missions in terms of training recruits in the field of spatial air flight. The last headline about Warren was in a local newspapers, saying that “Air Force ROTC cadets juggle well”, which is, certainly, a fact.